Thursday 19 November 2015

Latest Updates from First

Latest news from First sees the return from Rotherham of 33159 LR02LXU in the new Orange line livery with 33162 LR02LXX heading North for its turn to be refurbished.

Two more Volvo B7L's have left Norwich bound for Bristol, 66324 MV02VAX & 66330 MV02VBE are now in the South West.
66324 in Castle Mall back in 2013
Both former First Essex Volvo B10BLE's 66168/66169 are now based at Yarmouth due to increased Bernard Matthews Contract work about to begin. Coach 20501 AO02RBY has been busy on various Rail replacements in Norwich and today in Yarmouth. The Rail work is set to continue into next week with Trains not working from Yarmouth until after the weekend at least.

Due to the Train problems extra X1 duties are being put in place between Yarmouth and Norwich to assist with the replacement Coaches, so expect a few odd sightings with X1 on the screen!

The weekend should also see Enviro 200's 45116/7/8 move back to Lowestoft from Norwich and the possible start of the Jersey Darts beginning their migration to Devon & Cornwall.

Norwich Pink Line branded 33246 was noted working the 8 service at Yarmouth yesterday, she is here for MOT work and was available yesterday prior to her work starting.

Thanks to Danny & Chris for the info.

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