Sunday 8 November 2015

Saturday Sojurn

Early Saturday afternoon saw some time available for a few observations in Norwich's Castle Meadow and apparently many local enthusiasts were also later out in force in the area

I particularly targeted the new StreetLites as the subjects of some photos, but my first picture is of First Berkshire Plaxton bodied Trident 33153 LR02LXM on loan to Norwich. I was particularly intrigued by the prefix of TN next to fleet number!

Eventually I did get some photos of the StreetLites and quite smart they looked too in their Green Line livery. The above is 63318 SK65PWY which I tried to catch later in the afternoon. I say attempt as the driver declared it a failure before I could get on it - the reason being a loose offside panel. The driver reported it to be flapping away on the journey back to Castle Meadow and the offending panel can be seen just behind the front wheel. However, I wasn't denied a trip on one of the newcomers as the following bus, destined for Dussindale, was also one of the new arrivals

Not much else of interest really apart from noting that one of the former Jersey Darts (43861 EG52FGJ) was in use complete with its First Lowestoft branding

Stagecoach Norfolk was noted using three of its saloons on its X29 Fakenham to Norwich route including Coasthopper branded Optare Solo 47905 YJ09EZU. Others recorded were Optare Tempo 25128 YJ57YCD and Optare Versa 25270 YJ10EYC



  1. The TN prefix was used when the bus was originally working in London to denote Trident, Northern Counties - First London rather unusually referring to the old name for the former Wigan factory instead of Plaxton. First Berkshire was previously managed by First London and both fleets continued to use the prefixes even after the national fleet numbering scheme came into force.

  2. Thanks for that curtisc, I knew someone would come up with the reason. However I thought that Trident might have been too obvious!