Tuesday 10 May 2016

Another Olympian Leaves For Scrapping

Grahame was in contact at lunchtime today with the news that one of the remaining withdrawn Olympians, in the rear yard at First's Caister Road depot, had been taken away for scrapping

Olympian 34111 in use on the 7 route between Belton and Market Gates in January last year
The last one active, 34111 W431CWX was collected by Alpha Recovery this morning. I thought that the end of its active life with First would come last year following its withdrawal in late December. However, that was not to be as 34111 was resurrected early in the new year for further Bernard Matthews' contract work. It subsequently faltered on a few occasions during January before being finally condemned in the following month with a twisted chassis.

First's Olympian 34114 being prepared this afternoon for collection tomorrow.    Photo: Roger Bellward
It's departure leaves only two languishing in the rear yard - 34108 and 34114. The latter was being made ready for its final journey tomorrow by being moved from the yard to the front of the depot

Another new arrival at Caister Road this afternoon is Volvo B12M AO02RBX.   Photo Roger Bellward
On the plus side, Caister Road has gained another Volvo B12M coach in the shape of 20500 AO02RBX, which was delivered to the depot from Norwich this morning. Regarding the use of sister 20501 AO02RBY on the service 7 to Belton, it is becoming more of a regular occurrence over the last few days

My thanks to Roger Bellward for his photos and Grahame for the information


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