Sunday 29 May 2016

Norwich Pictorial

From previous Norwich related posts you may probably know the routine by now! The better half enjoys her retail fix whilst I wander the streets of the city taking various bus related photos!

Ex Great Yarmouth President 32201 LT52WTF now earning its keep on Purple Line route 36
Not much out of the unusual to report really, with the accompanying photos providing a record of some of the sights seen

At last one of Sanders' Geminis captured on film - ex Arriva London LJ53NHV on the X55 North Walsham Express
Another subject I wanted to record was one of the Streetdecks in standard livery - this is 35201 SK16GWA
After a period of lurking in St Stephen's Street I made my way to the Bus Station and during the short time there I witnessed the arrival of Freestone's Scania YN08DGU in Megabus livery on the M16 London service. Following closely behind was National Express Scania./Caetano Lavaneo FJ12FYO

However, the most surprising presence was that of Stagecoach Coasthopper branded Enviro200 MMC 37437 SN16ORG at Norwich Bus Station - more than twenty miles away from the coast!

Walking along Castle Meadow it is so noticeable how colourful it is now bus wise
The final pic shows Marett's Chariots' Mercedes Benz PK11WDO being passed by a Sanders' OmniDekka

These and other photos taken on the day can be viewed on my Flickr site by clicking HERE


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