Monday 2 May 2016

Stranger In Norwich!

Regular contributor Syd Eade took former Lowestoft Corporation PBJ2F out for a pre season leg stretch earlier today

Ex Lowestoft Corporation PBJ2F on Castle Meadow opposite First's Travel Centre.   Photo: Daniel Peart
PBJ2F in St Stephens Street.   Photo: Syd Eade
The Massey bodied Leyland PD2 paid its first visit to Norwich City Centre and photos were taken of it in Castle Meadow and St Stephens Street

Syd says 'It certainly caused a stir and we had lots of photos taken by passers-by and some interesting discussions with them too. We will be taking her to the North Norfolk Railway and the East Anglia Transport Museum events during July' So there will plenty of opportunity to take a ride on the bus

My thanks to Syd for his report and to Syd and Daniel Peart for the photos


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