Saturday 21 May 2016

Long Lost Norfolk Bedford SBG Now On eBay

Earlier tonight I received a message from John Wakefield regarding a long lost Bedford which gave years of service to a couple of Norfolk independent coach owners

John tells me that 'SPW999, a Bedford SBG Duple Vega, has turned up after twenty five years and is still in Norfolk. The coach was new to Babbage trading as Green Grey of Cromer in 1955. It went to Reynolds of Caister in April 1962 and in circa 1991 was sold to a private owner near North Walsham. It has been barn stored since and has not appeared on PSVC preserved lists'.

He continues that it is currently on eBay for spares or renovation and can be viewed HERE 
My thanks to John for bringing it to my attention and for supplying the photos


1 comment:

  1. Great to see one of Green and Grey's old Cromer fleet is still about.
    I was a VERY young lad when this coach was around Cromer, but can vaguely remember it and many of its' fleetmates. Babbage (Green and Grey) tended to register their vehicles in sequences of 6s or 9s hence the registration on this coach. AAH 999B and 6666 AH spring to mind, although there were others.
    Sadly, the preservation project is beyond me, but hopefully somebody will take it on (and not just to acquire the registration plate!)
    Dave Burdett