Wednesday 26 April 2017

New Arrivals for First

A busy day of news coming out of Caister Road this evening, Firstly the arrival of two Alexander Dennis Enviro 300's from First Borders in the shape of 67763 SN62AUK & 67773 SN62AXH. Both have come from the recently sold Galashies Depot, where operations have been taken over by Borders Buses.

67763 SN62AUK after arriving this afternoon

67773 SN62AXH will require a bit of debranding
A batch of 9 are expected for use in Ipswich for the new Park & Ride service which begins in July, all arrivals will be prepared for service at Caister Road before heading to Suffolk and may appear in use in the town prior to moving on.

In other news, Yarmouth is losing two ex Leeds Volvo B9's to Norwich for use on the new Charcoal Line, 36181 BF12KXU is currently at Simon Morris in Ipswich being repainted with 36182 BX12KXV expected to follow. Two replacements for these are expected to arrive shortly also from First Borders in the shape of Volvo B9's 37141 SN57HDA & 37142 SN57HDC, Im told both are heading for Norfolk this evening.

Thanks to First for all the info and to Simon Taylor for the Photographs which were taken with permission.

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