Saturday 28 October 2017

Deja Vu at First Norwich

With the Festive Season nearly upon us, extra vehicles have been drafted in for an increase in Bernard Matthews contract work. Reported elsewhere yesterday was the arrival of three Dennis Trident/Plaxton Presidents from First South West. Some may not know that this is not the first time all three have appeared with FEC.

32801 T801LLC in Castle Meadow back in May 2009
The three began life with First London before being converted to single door and gaining Barbie livery then passing to FEC in early 2009. 32801/32809 & 32849 worked in the city before moving over to First Essex and then down South to Weymouth & Southampton.

32809 T809LLC Castle Meadow September 2009
32849 T849LLC in May 2009

All three are now being prepared for use at Roundtree Way.  Other news to report is that Coach 20514 is due back at Yarmouth from its loan at Norwich whilst Volvo B7L 66343 (MV02VCW) is going on loan to Caister Road from Norwich.


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