Friday 6 October 2017

First Activity

Passing Market Gates during yesterday morning I observed an Excel branded Gemini awaiting in the gloom to work the 11:35 service 8 to Caister's Second Avenue. I waited for it to emerge into the daylight to get a photo of 37578 (AU58EDJ) but unfortunately the destination screen shows up blank!  However, if proof was needed, the word 'Caister' shows up on the side destination beside the exit/entrance.

Not much to report, activity wise, other than the return from Simon Morris of the last of Yarmouth's ex First Essex Darts to receive the latest First livery. After the arrival of 42919 (EU05AUL) at Caister Road, Lowestoft's 42911 (WX05RVV) made the trip to Ipswich to become the first of their Darts to be similarly treated there.

First Lowestoft WX05RVV in Barbie livery on Katwijk Way on 15th February 2016
Meanwhile, another of First Great Yarmouth's Darts 42920 (EU05AUM) is on loan at Lowestoft having been noted on the 101 route this morning.


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