Tuesday 24 October 2017

Lowestoft Rail Replacements

Simon Bartram has sent details of the coaches appearing on rail replacement duties at Lowestoft station yesterday. He also sent photos of the two Sanders coaches working the trips and, at first glance, I thought they were photos of the same coach!

The first was of Berkhof Axial bodied VDL SB4000 YJ12CHK and the second was of similar YJ12CHX. I would bet I am probably not the first to confuse the two and I am sure drivers and depot staff have suffered the same fate!

Two others were noted by Simon yesterday in the form of  Simonds' TCF496 and Angie's Tours' King Long BX59KWR

Today's chariots at Lowestoft Station included Sanders Coaches' YN05WND and FN09AMX plus Simonds' Volvo/VanHool YVF158

Many thanks to Simon for the information and photos.


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