Tuesday 31 March 2020

JPT Darts

Yesterday's Ten Year Time Tunnel featured a picture of a JPT Dart in Manchester which was seen by Ken Aveyard. In the post I mentioned that First acquired four former JPT buses which were prepared for service at Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot following a repaint at Full Circle.

Ken has supplied photos of all of the four when they were in use in use with JPT. The first two were taken in Middleton during December 2011 whilst the others were snapped at Oldham Bus Station in July 2009

The list below gives the JPT fleet number followed by the registration and the subsequent First fleet number
303   ST58JPT   45117
304   RT09JPT   45119
305   VT09JPT   45118
306   ST09JPT    45116

The foursome were noted locally in the rear yard at Caister Road in early August and can be viewed on our Flickr site HERE and HERE

My thanks to Ken for supplying all four photos


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