Tuesday 2 October 2012

Ransome's Tower Wagon

One of the hardly noticeable participants at the East Anglia Transport Museum's Trolleybus Gala held last  month was the former Ipswich Corporation Ransomes Tower wagon.

Work began on the restoration of 1922 built DX3578 during the summer with the first job being to top up and charge the batteries.

The Transport Museum's Neil
Chilvers reports that after 46 years they are still ok! It can do up to 22 laps of the Museum site.

The plan is to have a Suffolk Day next year with Ipswich Transport Museum's Trolleybus 105 operating and various "Suffolk" built or operated vehicles.

The lower picture shows work undertaken by Ipswich Transport Museum  members at Priory Heath depot on the "fish scaling" of the panels of Trolleybus 105

My thanks to Neil for the report and photographs. My apologies also for the non - appearance of Neil's photos in my initial posting!

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