Sunday 14 October 2012

Wrong Line & Breakdown Too!

Wright Eclipse 66330 fails whilst working the 24A service
Quite recently there have been numerous reports on bus enthusiast sites concerning the use of  the wrong vehicle on the wrong routes on Norwich city services

This was also evident on Saturday evening last as highlighted by Joe Wilson's report on the use of the Purple Line bus on Norwich's Red Line!    

Not only that but it breaks down too!

Joe takes up the story...
On Saturday evening I happened across something that was very noteworthy and almost as funny. On Plumstead Road, close to Aldi a purple line Volvo B7 Wright Eclipse 66330 was spotted.
Not only was she on the wrong route, but she had failed (running out of diesel) on double yellow lines no less!
The bus was working the 24A to the city centre, however, to add further comedy to the situation the screen would rewrite its self, swapping from the 24A to the 23B (have attached pictures of it saying both, I, nor anybody else changed it).
........ or was it working the 23B route?

Another embarrassing state of affairs for First Norwich!

No doubt we will continue to get the incorrectly coloured vehicles on the wrong coloured routes

My thanks to Joe for his report and numerous photos

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