Thursday 10 September 2015

#TBT 4829VF

Continuing the Eastern Counties theme, this week's subject of our Throw Back Thursday is an Eastern Coach Works bodied Bristol MW6G

4829VF is seen here in a delicensed state on the St Peters Road parking area of the old Wellington Road bus station in the summer of 1977. The 32 seater received fleet number LS803 on entry into service in June 1961

The excellent Bristol Vehicles Website tells me that the MW6G was converted to one man operation in 1970 and demoted to bus duties. A year later it was converted to a 39 seater and fitted with bus type indicators

It was painted in National Bus Company dual purpose livery in May 1973 and was withdrawn from service in 1977 passing to K Askin of Barnsley for scrapping in September of that year

One of its claims to fame was that it worked a weekend trip 'up north' for the then Ipswich Land Transport Society in July 1966. The Society started its trip on an RE but that only got as far as Stowmarket before it was replaced by 4829VF. A photo of it was taken at Wakefield Bus Station which can be viewed HERE



  1. Report says they set of in a RE ???

  2. Details of the Eastern Counties RE class are shown on Rob Sly's excellent site at