Monday 26 October 2015

Another Ex FEC Vehicle on EBay

Ryan, formerly a regular contributor to the blog, has contacted me to tell me that a former First Eastern Counties Plaxton Premier bodied Volvo B10M has been made available for sale on eBay
20128 spent most of its time as a driver trainer based at Norwich's Roundtree Way Depot - seen here in March 2013

20128 P768XHS was new to Kelvin Central of Scotland in May 1997 and transferred to First Eastern Counties around the beginning of the new century for use on local services. The 56 seater subsequently became employed as a driver trainer spending some time on loan at Caister Road in February 2013. During January of the following year it was withdrawn and transferred south to First Essex for use on similar duties

It has recently been repainted in all over white and offered for sale at £9,500. If interested, you have until mid November to make a bid! The relevant eBay page is shown here

My thanks to Ryan for the heads up


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