Friday 23 October 2015

More 'Local' Ipswich Falcons

Yesterday's post on the use of Ipswich Falcons on Great Yarmouth Transport services drew a response from frequent contributor Syd Eade on our Facebook site

Ipswich Dennis Falcon 109 C109SDX on hire to Suffolk County Council on an Eastern Counties service

Syd says that 'Eastern Counties played with a couple of Falcons at Great Yarmouth is one just behind James Paget Hospital on a Great Yarmouth to Somerleyton 582 run, normally in the hands of the Mercedes Benz minibuses'.

Ipswich 109 is from a second batch of seven Dennis Falcons bodied by Northern Counties in 1968 which later also found its way to Leicester and Northampton

A rather empty Eastern Counties Dormobile bodied Mercedes Benz 609D  on the 582
Syd also supplies a photo of Eastern Counties Mercedes J530FCL in use 'on the 582 on the same day as the Falcon, the Purple base was for a 'Target' advert that was yet to be applied! Note the lack of passengers in the pre-concession era, no wonder the service was withdrawn'.

J530 was delivered to Eastern Counties in July 1992 and a photo of it in Great Yarmouth with the Target advertising applied can be seen here

My thinks to Syd for the information and photos

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