Monday 26 October 2015

Identity Crisis

As we reported last week, former Greenline Gemini 32348 LK53LZL returned to Yarmouth after repaint at Full Circle, Banham. It entered service on Friday and was soon the talk of social media as it was noted carrying incorrect fleet numbers 32438. 
Sunday 8 duties on Ormesby Road in Caister

The actual 32438 is another Gemini belonging to First Leeds YJ04FYH.
32438 YJ04FYH working in its home town of Leeds (Photo Maljoe)

This scenario has occured before at Caister Road, back in  2005, Repaints of Blue Bus liveried Olympians were taking place with vehicles being sent to Rotherham to be painted in corporate Barbie livery, G54XLO (34954) returned to Yarmouth incorrectly carrying the fleet numbers of what was at the time a Scania belonging to First Ipswich!
G54XLO wearing 65544 at Caister Road in February 2005.

Thanks to Mal for use of his photo, im sure the real 32348 will appear soon!


  1. Hi saw a First Norwich Streetlite on delivery on A14 at Newmarket this morning had a green painted front end sorry didn't get fleet number

  2. That'd be one of the new ones for Norwich think it's 63317 according to Kieran

  3. It was 63318, now at roundtree way