Monday, 18 January 2016

Revisited Norwich 2007

I have been going through my photo collection and putting them in some sort of order and with that the idea of producing a few posts based on the days out i have had over the years.

The first in the series goes back to October 2007 and a trip to Norwich on a very sunny day for the time of year and a few photos of various operators in action at the time
Anglian 400 X228WRA on the 588 to Halesworth.
The first photo is Anglian Optare Excel X228WRA which was quite new to the area when i saw her in the city, new to Trent in 2000 she became 400 in the fleet before being withdrawn in January 2013 with Fire damage to the rear.
Norfolk County Council YJ55YHL in Castle Meadow.
Another vehicle which had a short stay in Norfolk was Optare Solo YJ55YHL which was new to Norfolk County Council for use on their 600 shuttle service between the city and County Hall. The vehicle remains in use today with Gibsons of Renfrew in Scotland.
Freshly repainted 47231 M231VWW outside Castle Mall.
Firstgroup was going through a major repaint program in this year with vehicles being repainted out of the shortlived Barbie 2 livery with the pink fades. 47231 (pictured above) had moved from Great Yarmouth and i luckily got a sunny shot of her after repaint. Recent arrivals at Norwich were a batch of Volvo B10's from Manchester, they moved on to Lowestoft during their stay with FEC also.
60306 M511PNA going over Fye Bridge into the city.
W262CDN also heading over Fye Bridge
Sanders had recently aquired a batch of DAF/East Lancs single deckers from Luton Airport Parking and were used on a variety of routes, W262CDN is pictured working the 44 into the city from Cromer.


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