Friday, 15 January 2016

Where Are They Now? ~ R86EMB

Another in our occasional series of 'Where Are They Now?' which looks at the current situation of buses/coaches which were once regularly operating in our area

Today's subject is Scania/ Wright Axcess Ultraflow R86EMB which was new to Chester City Transport in December 1997 as their number 86

Scania R86EMB captured on film in Lowestoft by Grahame Bessey in  May 2008
It became one of five similar buses purchased from Chester in 2008 by Beccles based Anglian - the others were R81/2/4/5EMB and were seen quite regularly on services within the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft area

R86EMB in its new guise as MUI7949 at Bury St Edmunds Bus Station in March 2014
In October 2011 R86EMB was one of a trio of the ex Chesters acquired by Mulleys and was painted in their colours prior to entering service with a new registration of MUI7949

Unfortunately there's not a happy ending as the Scania lasted some four years with Mulleys before being sent to a scrapyard in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire during late September/early October last year

The above is based on information recently supplied by David Slater to Anglia Thames Valley Bus Forum


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