Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Sixth Form Services

OmniCity YN07EZB awaits its passengers
With my wife off from work yesterday, I didn't have to rush to get back from Gorleston High Street to take her in. The arrangement meant that I made my way home with dusk falling

My route saw me pass the East Norfolk Sixth Form College on Church Road and a couple of vehicles arrived to transport students home. In addition to the routes operated by First (the 881 and 882) Anglianbus and Sanders Coaches also provide services
VanHool bodied DAF SGF965

I was fortunate in being able to capture photos of the last two mentioned operators but, with the light deteriorating rapidly, there were no pictures to be had of the First operations - maybe next time!

As I didn't have my camera with me I had to settle for photos taken with the phone - so apologises for the picture quality. Plus I also had to ensure that the advancing hoards of students didn't appear in front of the subjects!


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