Sunday, 17 January 2016

Saturday In The City

Saturday meant a flying visit into Norwich City Centre with the other half needing some shopping therapy. This allowed for a couple of short periods of observing activity in the city centre.

My bus into the city centre was this Wright StreetLite MAX 63321 SK65PXB
We travelled in from Thorpe on one of the new StreetLites with 63321 dropping us off in Castle Meadow where we headed for the market for a cuppa and a roll on Reggie's tea stall!

I was then let loose for a half an hour to take a few pics and the first was that of Shearings Holidays Setra 121 BK09LUH which had ventured into the city from Great Yarmouth

Not much else to report in the first session other than 'paint spare' Volvo B10BLE 60626 R789WKW being observed on Red Line duties and freshly painted Yellow Line Volvo B7TL/President 32106 LT02ZCV on the 28s

The second session brought more interest though with my first sighting and photo of a Stagecoach liveried decker in Norwich. It was former Cambridge based ADL Enviro400 bodied Trident 18342 AE55DKF on the X29 from Fakenham.

The remaining photo taken is that of Norwich School's Plaxton Premier bodied Dennis Javelin M790LPH prior to us heading back to Thorpe on another StreetLite - this time 63323 SK55PXD


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