Saturday, 4 May 2019

Brighter Future For GEX741F

In March 1968 Great Yarmouth Corporation Transport received a batch of three unusual Leyland PDR1 Atlanteans with B39F bodywork by Marshall of Cambridge. They were unusual in that their double deck chassis was purposely built as a single decker

The batch were numbered 40, 41 and 42, with matching registrations GEX740F, GEX741F and GEX742F. They were withdrawn at some point during 1980 following newer replacements.

There is some good news regarding the future of GEX741F. John Wakefield tells me that it is being restored at Cobus, the vehicle restoration facility at Filey in North Yorkshire. It was previously in use as a youth bus and latterly a storage facility with Youth Action 2000 at Eden Park, London. It was rescued in 2003 by Clive Cook of Swanscombe, Kent and then passed to Paul Kevil, the current owner in 2016.

My thanks to John Wakefield for the update and to Nick Larkin for the use of his photo.



  1. Roy, a slight correction - I bet you're not surprised? :-) These were not purchased by "municipally owned Great Yarmouth Transport," but by Great Yarmouth Corporation Transport. GY was still a County Borough until the disastrous(my opinion) local government "shake up" of 1974. when the transport department became "Great Yarmouth Borough Transport." Great Yarmouth Transport did not come into being until some years later.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Mick. I wasn't too sure when I typed the post but I tried to hedge my bets about their ownership. Afterwards I thought if I haven't got it right I know someone across the pond who will tell me! I have now accordingly amended the post.

  2. Sadly GEX740F (No40) is still languishing at the old Hopton Timber Yard, its owner unwilling to sell the bus or be in a position to do now necessary restoration. A great shame that this has fallen into the wrong hands. I had the privilege of driving No 40 on numerous occasions whilst in the ownership of Clive Porter, when it was regular transport for Cambridge Omnibus Society and attended many rallies. It even appeared in a BBC Look East 'Inside Out' episode taking a light hearted look at bus enthusiasts.