Friday, 17 May 2019

Friday Round Up

Yes it's Friday again! Time for another round up where we take a look at the coaches currently in Great Yarmouth.

Unfortunately as I arrived on Marine Parade Shearings Mercedes Benz Tourismo 841 BJ16KXR was just leaving the Carlton Hotel so I was unable to get a picture. However, I was in the right place at the right time to photo the operator's second Tourismo 131 BU18YSH.

Also seen in the background is National Holidays' Kassbohrer Setra NH14HBH whilst further south, outside the Nelson Hotel, was ALS Travel's Jonckheere Mistral bodied Volvo B10M-62 T223AGR

T223AGR has a bit of history in that it was new to Durham City of Brandon as T7DCC in May 1999. It was re-registered T223 AGR upon sale to a dealer in April 2005, passing to UK Coaches (Atlantis Travel), of Countesthorpe in Leicestershire in the same month. It was re-registered by them as A8UKC in May 2005 and subsequently acquired by ALS In January 2014. In the following April it reverted to T223AGR.

Continuing north along Marine Parade I was surprised to see a coach parked up outside the Marine House Hotel opposite the Hollywood Cinema. It was Rover European's VH TX16 Alicron FH17DRH

At Beach Coach Station were four coaches parked in pairs - the first were two Mercedes Benz Tourismos from the Alfa Travel fleet - BU13ZTZ and BN17JCZ.

The remaining twosome were Wolverhapton's Coach and Tours Travel WT18CTT and Gee-Vee Travel's Bova Futura GT11GVT - the latter formerly registered YJ11 ANV.


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