Sunday 6 October 2019

Bath's Buses

With the wedding not due until the Saturday evening at the Roman Baths, most of the group (all females) indulged in some shopping leaving me to my own devices. Naturally I gravitated towards the bus station and its immediate environs.

Passing by on the way to the bus station was First Park & Ride branded Wright Streetdeck 35114 SO15CUX

In the yard was First's ALX400 32007 TPR354 (ex W807PAE) and Solo 53817 WX05RUO
Specially liveried University buses operate three routes in the city - First YX66WEO heads to Oldfield Park
Bath Bus Company runs regular services to Bristol Airport - here Volvo B9TL/MCV BJ11XGV awaits time
Bath Bus also runs the sightseeing service and Unvi Urbis bodied Volvo WX15OFU is seen in Manvers Street
Edwards Coaches Volvo B11RT/ Caetano Levante BV17GUK nears journeys end on the 403 from London
A number of Bath City branded Optare Solo's work local services - First 53857 YJ68FWV  in Manvers Street
At the bus station we see the Mendip Explorer depart in the form Wright Eclipse bodied Volvo B7RLE WX59BZM
Chippenham based Faresaver provides some services in the city - ADl Enviro200 FA54VER arrives on the X72
A very interesting couple of hours around lunchtime. Whilst First dominated the scene it was good to see the variety of liveries with other operators playing their part


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