Sunday 13 October 2019

Blue Bus Revival

Heritage liveries are very much an ongoing trend within Bus companies these days and we can proudly report the rebirth of a local livery courtesy of enthusiast and friend of the blog Jamie Vendy. He purchased former Eastern Counties Scania S574TPW from Connexions Buses near Harrogate and had a vision to transform it by giving it one of his favourite liveries, that being the Blue & Cream of First Blue Bus, the colours used when First took over Great Yarmouth Transport in the early 2000's.

574 pictured shortly after passing to Jamie's ownership.
65574 as she was in 2007, seen here in Kings Lynn.
574 was revealed to the public yesterday in her new look and the following statement was posted by the Eastern Counties Bus Group,

12 Months in the planning, the proud moment has arrived that we at the Eastern Counties Bus Group can share with you the news we have been itching to share & deliver for the past few weeks.
Introducing the vision brought alive by our friends at DS Coachworks, Sheffield.

574 will be now named “Alan Richard” a tribute to Jamie’s dad who we lost in 2012 & Next year in 2020 he would have been turning 60 and as Alan wanted to retire in Great Yarmouth so the naming of the Bus seems fitting amongst other personal reasons to Jamie.

Jamie’s dad played a massive part enabling Jamie to go to Great Yarmouth to see how Great Yarmouth was transformed during the 90’s and 00’s through the various stages of Great Yarmouth Transport, Flying Banana to GRT First Bus onwards to First Group.

We are very proud of what we have achieved this year marking 574’s twenty years on the road.
Now Jamie and his dad can ride together again along the open road, Alan may not be here but we know he will be watching down on Jamie.

Big thanks has to go out to Darren Sentence, Sharon Taylor of DS Coachworks, WrightBus Customcare Jim McMaster, HMG Paints, Carlyle Bus & Coach, N&M Fibreglass. And most of all thank you to everyone here who has supported us over the last 2 years.

Well done to Jamie and all involved and hopefully it wont be too long before it appears on the roads of Great Yarmouth!

Thanks to Jamie for all the photos.


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