Friday 25 October 2019

Two Million Not Out!

The blog has just reached the welcome milestone of two million page-views, something I thought would never happen.

The first photo was of step entrance Dart 46379 M379YEX
The first post was on 3rd January 2011 and was entitled 'Into the Unknown ....' and contained just six lines of text and no photos. I was encouraged by the success of Gerard Fletcher's 'The X1 Blog' and 'Andy's Bus Blog' and thought I could have a go at that!

When I started I said that I hoped that I would be able to generate some interest in local bus activity in the East Norfolk and East Suffolk area and I trust that I have achieved that over the last (almost) nine years. Following its continued interest others subsequently started their own blogs, but have since drifted away to other interests and, more importantly, their own work commitments.

Anglian operated StreetLites in January 2011 - MX60GXA
is on the 581 to Beccles on Beccles Road in Gorleston
Never did I realise where this venture would take me but I have met some great people along the way which I am now pleased to call my friends. Grahame Bessey joined me on the journey when he foolishly volunteered to help out whilst I disappeared on holiday for a couple of weeks! He's stayed ever since and his contributions are greatly valued.

All that remains is to thank all of your for your continued support and contributions during this period which are very much appreciated.

Here's to the next million!


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  1. Congratulations Roy on this incredible milestone. I so appreciate the work you and Grahame put in to keep me up to date with the bus scene in my home town and my old stomping ground of Lowestoft. Here's to the next million and your continued good health. BTW - I still "follow" not only the Canaries, but the Bloaters too, even from 4,000 miles away.