Wednesday 26 September 2012

Ambassador New Reg?

Contributor Zac Nelson photographed this white coach whilst it was awaiting passengers opposite East Norfolk Sixth Form College yesterday

The Dennis Javelin/ Plaxton Premier was displaying a K262FUV registration plate and thought it may be one of the Ambassador fleet

I was unsure as to whether it was a re-registration or an acquisition by Ambassador

However, Zac, Grahame Bessey and Andrew Smith were amongst those identifying it as being owned by Wymondham-based Semmence, a sister company of Ambassador

My thanks to Zac for the photo and to all those responding to the request to identify the owners in the previous posting.

Good to know you are all out there and reading the blog!


  1. Javelin K262FUV was new to Pullmanor, SE5 if that helps.

    1. It belongs to Semmence, they also have K261FUV, both are Dennis Javelin/Plaxton Premiere C53F.

  2. I know that on the side, the address is H Semmence and Co....I asked the driver when I got on and he said it's the same company as Ambassador as the founders are brothers ?