Sunday 2 September 2012

Ex Brighton Trident Now in AnglianBus Colours

Regular blog contributor Tim Miller was alerted by a noise from the Car & Commercials yard at Beccles during yesterday morning.

He dashed over to witness the re-emergence of one of the former Brighton Tridents now in AnglianBus colours.

Having blagged his way in, he was able to obtain these exclusive photos of T813RFG.

The livery is similar to the other Tridents sourced from Stagecoach London; apart from there being no blue area on the top rear panel. It is thought that this may be a temporary measure to see how it looks and that others may be treated in a similar manner.

Whilst without branding and fleet numbering (the latter expected to be a continuation of the 500 series) she looks very smart in her new colours

Also in the yard was an Ambassador Optare Solo in the form of  601 MX54KYA

It is not known why she was there and it can only be assumed that it was due to a mechanical problem

My thanks to Tim Miller for the photos and his report. All photos are copyrighted to Tim Miller

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