Monday 10 September 2012

AnglianBus Fleet Update

Recent arrival OW03LFP is to shortly receive fleetnumber 114
Details have now come to hand regarding the allocation of fleet numbers to the recent AnglianBus arrivals.

Stephen Wright visited Anglian's premises at Ellough on Saturday last and the company were very helpful in providing him with this information.

Firstly the ex Brighton & Hove Tridents are to be numbered
513 T811 RFG      514 T812RFG    
515 T813RFG       516 T815RFG

Three of the Ex City of Oxford Scania/Irizars are
112 OW03LFK     113 OW03LFN      114 OW03LFP

The other two at Ellough (OW03LFR/S) are not strictly fleet members although the later has legals and a disc so can be used if needed

Anglian fleetnames have been applied to those in use as Steve's photo shows


Previously unreported on this blog is the withdrawal of former Metrobus 445 YN05HFE following an accident at North Cove which has seen the vehicle written off

A replacement, also from Metrobus, has arrived in the shape of  their red liveried 539 YN03WRL

She was subsequently observed by Tim Miller at Car & Commercials earlier today ready to undergo a conversion from two door to single door, upseating and a repaint into AnglianBus colours

It is understood that at least three more are to arrive from Metrobus in the near future

Finally the MAN gas buses will probably not arrive until later in the year as extended fuelling facilities will be needed at Ellough before they can enter service

My thanks to AnglianBus and Steve Wright for the above information and photos.My thanks also to the ever observant Tim Miller for the report and photo of YN03WRL

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