Wednesday 6 August 2014

Alpha Recovers

20109 has been prepared for its last journey
After laying out of use for some months at the side of First's Caister Road depot, ex driver trainer 20109 N609APU was called for its final outing to the scrapyard yesterday

It was delivered new to Thamesway in August 1995 and subsequently migrated to First

Dealers Alpha Recovery of Westlade came to collect the Plaxton
Olympian 34112 takes the space  previously occupied by 20109
Premier bodied Volvo B10M-62 which had seen use on the operator's X1 service

Our regular contributor Ryan reports that 20129 started up first time, with hardly any smoke, after being out of use for many months

Its space in the side yard has been taken by withdrawn Olympian 34112 W432CWX

My thanks to Ryan for his report and supporting photos

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