Monday 4 August 2014

Five Olympians Out

Regular correspondent Jamie Skinner tweeted this afternoon that he observed all five active Volvo Olympians in service on The Conge in Great Yarmouth  this afternoon within minutes of each other

The five are 34108/9/11/4 and 34186 with two of them operating on the service 8 between Caister and the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston

Earlier in the day he had travelled on 34108 W435CWX on 10:03 from the JPH heading through the Magdalen Estate

However, the non matching seats on 34108 looked a little unprofessional

My thanks to Jamie for the continuous supply of reports and photos


  1. Certainly puts Stagecoach Gold routes into perspective!

    1. They have a few olympians in reserve so I dont see why they couldn't have gotten some matching seats and put those in.

    2. I did also spot 34186 on the Bradwell 6 with "Town Centre" displayed heading to bradwell as they probably don't have a "Mallard Way" roller blind.