Sunday 3 August 2014

Tamworth Sunday

An unusual occupant at the depot was  driver trainer 9517 K107OHF
Another weekend away visiting the outlaws in Tamworth

Sunday required some retail therapy for the sisters and, as I was excused shopping duties, I made my way to Corporation Street to see what was going on bus wise

The simple answer was not much really!

All that was to be
A period of activity with Arriva Gemini 4206 on a Birmingham service with the Alfa
Tourismo seen to the left and the Wright Crusader to the right 
seen was the solitary Arriva Midlands Scania Omnicity 3807 YN08HZU on standyby duties

I was hopeful in being able to view Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 4200 FJ08LVL, which carries zip style preview livery for the Sapphire relaunch of the 110 route to Birmingham. This will use Dennis Enviro400s

So, after a short period of inactivity, I decided to walk around the
Specially branded Stagecoach Warwickshire 32161 works local route
corner to the nearby Aldergate depot

All the depot doors fronting the main road were closed so I had a quick peek in the yard

No 4200 wasn't to be found but I did capture a photo of driver trainer 9517 K107OHF. The bus was a Northern Counties Paladin bodied Volvo B10B-58 normally based at Cannock

I then returned to Corporation Street to see that an Alfa Travel coach had arrived. The driver of Mercedes Tourismo BU13ZTR informed me it was on a feeder service to Llandudno

In the meantime Stagecoach Warwickshire Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 36161 KX60DSE arrived to operate the local 785 Austrey service. However, it was specially branded for the 38 route between Coventry and Leicester!

As I was reviewing my haul of photos, I was brought back to reality with a text message saying my services were now required! Still, there's the Enviro 400s to look forward to on my next visit

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