Sunday 24 August 2014

Dart 43489

Dart 43489 R689DPW at Foundation Street complete with sticker
Since yesterday's post regarding the reference to Lowestoft's Dart 43489 migrating to Ipswich, I have had a number of messages regarding its future

Regular Jim Long found R689DPW in the west yard at Foundation Street on Friday and managed to get a picture of the Dart there

He continues '43489 will venture off to Clacton 
ADL Enviro200 YX09ACZ in Belmont Road, Ipswich
at some point next week,whereby she will "hopefully" be exchanged with the long awaited 44516 YX09ACY to make up the quartet 44516-9'

David Warren confirms this by stating that he observed a sticker on the windscreen saying 'Transfer to Clacton' and if you enlarge Jim's photo you can clearly see the said sticker

Heritage liveried AU53HJV shows Routemaster NML623E the way to Felixstowe
The twosome are pictured in Cobham Road in Ipswich
Jim also confirms that all three of the foursome already transferred have received the local livery and supports that by providing a photo of 44518 YX09ACZ in Belmont Road heading for the town centre

Jim completes his report by sending a photo of ALX 32479 AU53HJV, in its new heritage livery as VA479, leading Routemaster 39623 NML623E on last Sunday's special working to Felixstowe

My thanks to Jim Long for the photos and report. I am also grateful for the comments from David Warren and SteveW regarding the Dart

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