Thursday 7 August 2014

First Lowestoft Changes

First Eastern Counties has announced a number of changes to Lowestoft services from Sunday, August 31.

Service X2
  • Most journeys are retimed 5 minutes later throughout so that X1 and X2 can share the same stand in Norwich with 10 minutes between most departures. 
  • Additional journey from Beccles to Lowestoft at 0745 to increase presence and replace 0727 X22 (runs similar times from Worlingham to Lowestoft). This becomes the current 0810 Pakefield to Lowestoft.
  • Saturday PM peak mirrors Monday to Friday from Norwich (every 20 minutes to 1755) to cater for football traffic and shoppers.
  • School holiday timetable is to operate all year round.

Service X22 - 111
  • The X22 is renumbered to 111.
  • Saturday timetable is amended to mirror Monday to Friday at 15/45 ex Lowestoft until 1415 then hourly from 1500. This gives 3 buses per hour to Carlton Colville in the mornings.

Service 99
Minor changes only to late pm journeys. The service has been retimed by 5 minutes to fit in with bus workings and coordinate with X2 departures where possible.

Service 101
The 101 will see the frequency reduced to every 20 minutes.

Service 103
The 103 will run between 0900-1700 only to provide an hourly service from Carlton Colville via Pakefield.

First say that these changes have been made in response to feedback with customers benefiting from a better frequency on the X2 on Saturday afternoons

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