Saturday 9 August 2014

More on CAP229 ~ Updated

CAP229 parked up at Ipswich depot - Copyright Jim Long
Contributor Tim Major, who is an active member of the East Anglia Transport Museum, has been in touch concerning the feature on former Brighton and Eastern Counties open topper CAP229

He tells me that the ECW bodied Bristol K5G was, at one time, a temporary resident at the museum's Carlton Colville site when then owned by the Ipswich Coach Company

He thinks that was in the 1970's following a spell at Ben Jordan's yard with a bird's nest in the top of the radiator

CAP229 is now in the care of the Claude Jesset Trust with an article on its restoration featuring in the Old Glory magazine a few months ago

The upper deck roof is currently in the course of restoration

Jim Long confirms the Ipswich Coach Company ownership and can remember Eastern Counties' Philip Eden (now at Konectbus) bringing it back into the fold after an agreement with the former company

CAP229 was parked up at Ipswich for some time and Jim can remember assisting in towing it to the Eastern Transport Collection premises in the early 1990's along with Eastern Counties OT3

My thanks to both Tim and Jim for the additional information

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