Friday 1 August 2014

Long Awaited Arrival

AU53HJV shortly after arrival at Star Lane
Regular contributor Jim Long has contacted me regarding the long awaited arrival of First's 32479 AU53HJV at Ipswich around 19:00 during yesterday evening

AU53HJV is seen here outside Star Lane depot in its heritage livery including the nice touch of fleet number VA479

Jim has also provided a picture of 32479 just
AU53HJV when brand new at Norwich Thorpe Station
a few days into service at Norwich Station on 21st October 2003. It was then Eastern Counties 134 and note the Costessey Park and Ride destination

The bus subsequently made its way to Ipswich during March 2009

My thanks to Jim for the report and both of the photos


  1. An excellent job. Well done First. I always liked this livery.
    Now let's see if they can repeat the good work with the Great Yarmouth Transport version (always assuming that's still on the cards).

  2. This looks much much better.