Tuesday, 1 December 2015

City Visit

A long weekend for me began with a trip to Norwich last Friday to catch up with the latest repaints and new Streetlite arrivals for First.
33157 LR02LXS looking smart in her new Orange livery.

The weather was overcast and damp but as Castle Meadow is not photo friendly when the sun shines it was perfect for me to grab what i needed, i did manage all but one of the new Streetlites, only 63324 eluded me so another trip will be made to catch it!
63319 SK65PWZ in the new Green line colours.
32112 LT02ZDL in Turquoise livery
Norwich is slowly becoming a very colourful bus community with First's variations of coloured routes beginning to filter through, the Red, Blue and Pink lines are still to gain any coloured vehicles in the new scheme and the Yellow line is rumoured to be recieving brand new vehicles next year also.
Newly aquired Scania PN09ENJ in Castle Meadow
Finally Sanders have recently aquired 3 Scania/Optare bodied double decks for use on the X44 service between Norwich and Sheringham, i managed to see two of them in action. 120-122 PN09ELJ, PN09EMJ & PN09ENJ are still in previous owners colours, Johnsons of Henley in Arden and will remain so until after Christmas.


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