Monday 21 December 2015

First Activity

As you may have seen there is very little news to report in the area recently and that is being reflected on other local blogs too

This afternoon I witnessed the sole remaining Caister Road Olympian continuing its active duties on Bernard Matthews contract work

Meanwhile at Lowestoft my partner in crime, Grahame Bessey, reports the arrival of a further three low floor Darts. They are  42908 (WX05RVR) 42911 (WX05RVV) and 42926 (SN05EAE). The threesome are from First Bath and join earlier arrival 42943 (WA56OAS). 42911 was also noted in service today

Four Jersey Darts still remain at Lowestoft in the form of 43859 (EG52FHD), 43860 (EG52FGF), 43867 (EG52FHC) and 43868 (EG52FGX). One of the quartet was noted on 99 service to Kessingland this morning

My thanks to Grahame and SteveW for the information


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