Monday 7 December 2015

First Transfer Updates

Following last weeks news that Yarmouth and Lowestoft will be having a vehicle swap in time for the new X1/X2/X22 timetables beginning we can confirm that all the changes have now taken place this past weekend.

To recap, Geminis 37575/37576/37577 have moved to Lowestoft with ALX400's 30900 & 30901 moving to Yarmouth. Dart 43466 is now withdrawn at Lowestoft also.
30900 pictured at Caister Road on Sunday Morning now with a new engine.
In other news, Volvo 66168 W368EOW which recently transferred from Essex to Yarmouth with sister 66169 had been earmarked for withdrawl after Christmas will infact now be heading for Rotherham for refurbishment to comply with DDA requirements and then become part of the loan fleet which covers the group.
66169 lays over on Saturday afternoon at Caister Road

Thanks as always to Danny & Chris at First for the info.                   Grahame.

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