Wednesday 2 December 2015

Rotherham Roll Call

Latest update from First regarding the repaint/refurbishment programme being undertaken at Rotherham's Midland Road Works.

Latest vehicle to go up North is 32106 LT02ZCV which was in Yellow line livery and returning to Norfolk is 33169 LR02LYJ .
32106 in a sunny Castle Meadow in April 2014.
Current list of vehicles at Rotherham is as follows, 32106,33160,33161 and 33162.

Loanee 60622 R785WKW has also returned to South Yorkshire after working from all of FEC's depots during its spell in East Anglia.



  1. Did 60622 spend time at Kings Lynn???????

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Hamser but, as you know, Lynn only operates X1 vehicles and therefore no saloons would be based there