Saturday, 12 March 2016

Revisited Lowestoft 2006

This time we go back to Lowestoft and a visit in May 2006. Like today First were the main operator in the town, Anglian were just beginning to appear and they ran the local 108 service using Mercedes Benz Varios.
V380HGG working the 108, seen on Gordon Road.
The National Fleet renumbering had begun for First and Eastern Counties had not long gained the new system and the majority of vehicles could be noted carrying a lot of different numbers during the changeover.
Olympian 34975 J625BVG or 117 in old money, leaving the Bus Station on an X2 service to Norwich

45118 LDZ9118 one of many Wright bodied Darts to serve Lowestoft
Recently transferred from Yarmouth, 47203 M203VWW was also given a repaint into Barbie livery
Photography at the time was interesting with the renumbering and a lot of repaints being done as First phased out their Barbie 2 livery (The one with pink fades) in favour of a new version of the corporate livery with a smaller willowleaf at the rear. My final photo shows former Beeline Olympian 34876 F176LBL entering the Bus Station in its new livery, a photo i had placed in Buses Magazine at the time!

Hard to believe its Ten years ago since these were taken, i wonder how things will have changed when we look back in ten years from today.


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