Friday 25 March 2016

Routemasters Sold!

Suprising news from First Eastern Counties is the sale of its two Routemasters which had recently been in store at Norwich

The deckers have recently been used primarily for special hire work but were extensively used on the seasonal service between Hemsby Beach and Great Yarmouth's Seafront a few years ago. However, there was the odd occasion when they would be pressed into service to cover for vehicle shortages as in October and November last year when JJD480D was employed on the 7 to Belton and the 8 to James Paget Hospital

SMK717F in a blue Great Yarmouth Transport livery
The twosome were part of a trio used for promotional purposes with one in Eastern Counties red, one in Flying Banana livery and the third in a poor version of  a Great Yarmouth blue bus colour scheme.

In September 2011, the blue Routemaster, SMK717F, was privately acquired and left for Glasgow but later thought to have been exported to Thailand. The two remaining deckers are both sporting red livery, although NML623E once carried the yellow and green of Flying Banana

I have been reliably informed that they have both been sold on to Purfleet dealers Ensign during March. Outstanding commitments are being covered by another operator



  1. Some very sad news! I always remember these on the 3 when I used to go on holiday to Great Yarmouth nearly every year

  2. Oh joy! Never should have been in an ex Tilling fleet where the splendid Bristol/ECW reigned supreme!