Sunday, 7 August 2016

Presidential Leave

First President 32212 LT52WTV in service yesterday
As I was in Great Yarmouth Town Centre and as the other half disappeared to do some shopping, I spent a few minutes or so at the top of the Arcade observing bus comings and goings

During those five minutes I witnessed two Plaxton President bodied Volvos B7s going about their day to day work which they have done now since their transfer here four years ago

It has recently been reported that another two of the Caister Road old faithfuls (32213 and 32214) are shortly to leave for pastures new - possibly to
LT52WTW is shortly due to disappear from the local bus scene - it was in use on the 1A to Martham yesterday

the south west following other similar former Great Yarmouth Presidents. Presumably the remainder of the batch will also shortly follow in their wake


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  1. Novice question! Why move vehicles across the country. Especially in view of some comments regarding their unsuitability due to the terrain. Just asking!