Thursday, 21 June 2018

Latest From Caister Road

WA06OAS in a wet Gorleston High Street on 10th January 2018
The latest news from First Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot is that, following the completion of the Lowestoft saloon repaints, Dennis Dart SLF 42943 WA06OAS has headed for Simon Morris for its own repaint. Thought to be for a heritage livery, this will complete all the Dart repaints at Great Yarmouth.

Meanwhile, to make up for the shortfall 42921 EU05AUN has returned from its loan at Lowestoft.

Regarding the local decker fleet, 36186 BN12JYJ is awaiting a new gearbox, which should be fitted this week, and Volvo B7TL/President 32206 is also off the road awaiting repair.

Following the completion of damage repairs at Full Circle, First Norwich Gemini 36167 BD11CFM is now at Caister Road for its MOT. It had been off the road since February.

My thanks to First Great Yarmouth for the information and apologies for the errors in the original post


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