Monday, 6 May 2019

Norfolks Of Nayland

Austin CXB CCF574 under restoration in the shed
Whilst not strictly relating to our area, I thought a couple of photos and updates regarding W Norfolk & Sons vehicles may be of interest to blog readers.

At one time recorded as the oldest East Anglian bus operator, the family owned business based in Nayland (Suffolk) started in the 1850's when horse - drawn carrier's carts were operated on passenger-cum-goods journeys to nearby towns and villages. The first motorbuses were introduced just after the first World War with its main services being to Sudbury and Hadleigh (both weekly) and Ipswich (twice weekly).

Until recently two of Norfolk's old vehicles were being restored at the former main garage located at Mill Street in the village. Following its demolition the two Austin CXB/Mann Egerton coaches CCF574 and APV128 have have been moved to another location a few miles from Nayland.

APV128 awaiting a final decision on its restoration
The duo are being cared for by Iain Wright a friend of Howard Norfolk who now lives in Australia. Both coaches are still owned by Howard. Iain is continuing the restoration on CCF574 which was started by Howard some years ago. He hopes to get it roadworthy again in the near future.

APV128 is in a poor condition but is capable of restoration. No decision has been made on it, but Iain wants to get it under cover to stop it deteriorating further. Whilst Iain does not want casual visitors he welcomes anyone anyone who can offer help with the restoration. A contact number is available for anyone seriously wanting to get involved.

Norfolk's long established business was subsequently acquired by Hedingham and District in April 1991. My thanks to John Wakefield for the update and photos.



  1. My mother was from the next village Stoke by Nayland & I remember their decker struggling up North hill Colchester which they ran alternating with Eastern National in the late 1950s after the original gave up they seemed to have a different 2nd hand bus every summer I then spotted one of their old Bedfords in a scrap yard in Kent about 1970. Oddly a photographic shop in South London in about 1995 had a huge B & W photo on the wall of Nayland with a Norfolks bus with a gantry crossing the village street for a long forgotten factory from around 1935