Monday, 1 June 2020

Semmence Arrivals

There are two new arrivals to report at Wymondham based H Semmence and Company. The first is former Anglianbus Optare Solo MX53 FDN which arrived a few weeks ago from Galloway of Mendlesham where it was previously registered 4092 PP

MX53 FDN was new to Anglian in January 2004 but it never attracted the attention of my camera whilst it was there. It moved to Galloway in May 2009 and gained its new registration in February 2014. I did see it in that guise during a visit to Bury St Edmunds in November 2017

The other more recent arrival is believed to be Plaxton Beaver EN53 NOF previously with Coach Services of Thetford who had acquired it from Euroview of Dereham by August 2017

My thanks to Joe Wilson-Smith for the Semmence update


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