Saturday 22 August 2020

Drawn To Buses

 The Coastlink livery repaints are now in full swing with 33803 & 33823 already wearing their new colours. This has got one of our younger blog readers already designing the look of a Volvo/ Wright Gemini should one be given the coastlink treatment.

13 year old Toby Cullum has sent me some of his drawings inclding one of AU58ECX in the new livery, maybe his wish will come true!

He also sent me his take on 33823 in the new colours, excellent work Toby and good to see the youngsters enjoying the Transport scene aswell.

Finally i did manage to catch 33823 out on its first day during the past week in Lowestoft, seen above crossing London Road South heading for Carlton Colville on the X22 to Norwich.

Many Thanks to Toby for sharing his drawings with us.


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