Saturday 29 August 2020

Rail Replacement ~ Downham Market

Today's post looks at the rail replacement services being provided over on the west side of the County and David Bell reports 

'There is rail replacement from Friday 28th August-Monday 31st August inclusive from Kings Lynn to Downham Market. This is to enable electrification work to take place on the new siding at Kings Lynn station beyond the level crossing. This has been constructed to accommodate the rolling stock for eight car trains which are due to be introduced in December 2020.

I had a run over to Downham Market on Friday morning and attach a selection of photographs. They include YY63 OEK a Volvo B9/Caetano Levante with Go Ahead London which was new to East Yorkshire

Also present was BD09 ZPY a Mercedes Benz Citaro also with Go Ahead London which was new to London General

Two Konect Bus Enviro 400s SN65 OAW/OAX were employed in addition to HF54 HGP a Volvo B7/Wright Eclipse ex-Wilts and Dorset now also with Go Ahead London;

Dews also got involved with AE12 FGN a Volvo B7/Wright one of two which were new to Kenzie of Shepreth for the Granta park shuttle service in Cambridge. 

Additionally there were two Lynx deckers and a Dews decker on stand by at Kings Lynn station.' 

My thanks to David Bell for the photos and the report


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