Thursday, 15 October 2020

Colourful City

The city of Norwich looks colourful with the use of the many liveries for First Norwich routes plus there's those of Konectbus too, as Dan High's latest pictures show.

First's Yellow Line service usually brightens up the day but here the usual saloon, 66980 KX05 MHJ, is observed on a part route working known as the 25X. Normally the Blue Line route, the Volvo B7RLE is providing additional journeys between the University and the City Centre.

Norwich Bus Station is the location for the next photo with two Konect buses and a First Gemini making appearances. On the left is Konect's Park & Ride branded Enviro400 627 SN65 OAG on the Airport P&R whilst recently transferred East Lancs Myllenium bodied Volvo B7TL 507 PJ02 PYX has just completed its duties. The decker on the right is former First Berkshire Greenline Volvo B9 37274 LK58 EDF still in the blue Excel livery on the X22 to Lowestoft.

Dan's last picture shows First Norwich's Yellow Line Volvo B9 36265 BG12 JYX actually on the X29 service to Fakenham.

My thanks to Dan for the photos


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