Friday 23 November 2012

Dart Developments

The latest update from Caister Road is that work on replacing the engine in 43359 V359DVG has finally been completed and the mpd has returned home to Lowestoft

Dart 42450 R450CCV on Great Yarmouth town services in May this year
Lowetoft's 42450 R450CCV has passed its MOT at Great Yarmouth who are retaining it on loan for the time being

43478 R478CAH is currently awaiting an engine replacement whilst 43441 P441NEX is now back in service following repairs

Another Dart in the Great Yarmouth fleet, 43468 R468CAH, is having new rear springs fitted

Among other First vehicles, First Midlands exile 20514 WV02EUR is currently away having new injectors fitted

Finally, former First Northampton Volvo/Wright Eclipse 66347 MV02VDA was seen heading along the A47 Acle Straight, Great Yarmouth bound, this morning. The Green Line vehicle is probably to undergo MOT or light repairs at Caister Road

My thanks to Ryan for the Caister Road report

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